About Us

Nebo Hotel, formerly named the Fort Cooper Hotel was first licenced in 1863, we were rebuilt again in 1886, still trading under the name the Fort Cooper Hotel, we became the Nebo Hotel in 1948 and we remain heritage listed to this day. We have always considered ourselves a "home away from home" for travelers, tourists and in more modern days the shift worker. We pride ourselves on good old fashioned country hospitality, our beer is always ice cold and we're always up for a good chat. Many stories have been told inside our walls over the years, if only they could talk. 

From past to present.


The thing we love about Nebo is that although we've been through a lot of changes over the years, a lot is still the same. Being a town solely focused on cattle grazing in the past, and now being a town that sees the population sky rocket due to the mining boom, we are proud to say we have the best of both worlds.  Grazing is still a huge part of the Nebo region and the locals are always up for a laugh. Seeing this blend of countryman to shift worker is pleasing to us because at the Nebo Hotel it doesn't matter who you are you are always made feel welcome.


Good food, cold drinks and a welcoming atmosphere are always at the Nebo Hotel.  We're not just booked out to the shift workers, we service travelers, and small or large tour group bookings for accommodation and meals. 


The Nebo Hotel is more than just a pub it's an experience and should be listed on your to do list whilst in the area. Pop in and try our signature steak sandwich, after trying one of ours you will never think of it the same again.